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As an entrepreneur, my arch-nemesis is staying visible consistently. When I poll my Facebook group about their biggest brand challenge, the overwhelming answer is always the same. Staying visible with *consistent* relevant content is hard.


We all *know* the problem: life. 

We have notebooks, lists, and plans. We have our word of the year selected. Our 3-5 big dreams are written down in front of us. And sometimes even a dream board pinned to a “secret” board on Pinterest. 

(Mine has a picture of an Italian castle on it. NBD.)

But when we sit down to get to work on those big plans one of a few things happens:

  • We stumble on a new course, program, or idea. It is definitely going to transform our business and we need to do it RIGHT NOW.

  • The minutia of our businesses take wayyyy longer than we think it will. Have you ever figured out how much time you spend doing the little things? Without a plan, a quick social media check-in turns into the Never-Ending Scroll. 

  • The hard work is super uncomfortable. On our own, we avoid the potential of rejection whenever possible. Tasks like pitching ourselves, writing “self-promotional” social posts, or scheduling a call with another human get pushed to "tomorrow."   

  • And sometimes, a "great" thing happens: we get so busy doing things for other people (clients, our family, customers…) that we don’t make time to work on our own businesses. I’ve SO been there!

And yet, we know we want to do better. 
To serve more people. 
To make more money. 
To work smarter, not harder.
Because when you build your brand, you see results...

1 - Qualified leads landing your inbox CONSISTENTLY. You attract people who want to work with you, with ease and grace.

2 - Awesome clients who appreciate your talent and skills and are willing to pay a premium for it.

3 - Invitations for collaboration and JV partnerships from top industry peers like interviews, speaking gigs, guest teaching, and more.

There are 3 magic ingredients to get important work done…
To stay visible and continue to build your brand, you need three things. The structure, systems, and support to get the most important brand-building work done. (Even when you don’t feel like it and when everything else is commanding your time.) 
1 // Structure
As entrepreneurs, we tend to procrastinate taking action by endlessly planning. We research more. We take a course to learn something new. And then we spend a “little” time on Facebook. It can be maddening to look back and realize that you haven’t actually moved forward. You need a structure to keep your movement as frictionless and simple as possible. This group will provide that structure. More on that in a bit.
2 // Systems
The other limiting factor are the unexpected questions that pop up. Sure, you can answer some with a quick Google search. But the important questions need a real human’s perspective. If it’s a question about a technology platform, sequence of events, or strategy, these questions can halt your progress. The peer-to-peer mentorship in this group is going to be invaluable to handle these system questions with confidence.
3 // Support
Have you ever watched a race? (Of any kind?) Back when I used to cross-country ski, there is an important lesson that you learn about drafting. If you tuck in behind someone else, they break the wind for you. On an uphill, it almost feels like they are pulling you up the hill with them. The same effect happens in business. When you are moving in the same direction with a group of your peers, the whole effort gets easier. When you feel tempted to slack off or think about quitting, the momentum of the group keeps you moving. This support is crucial as an entrepreneur. 
Introducing: the Demand Lab Visibility Mastermind.
I’m creating this space and hand-selecting the potential founding members. (*Ahem* that’s you, and other amazing entrepreneurs like you). 

Know this: this group isn’t one where I’m “the guru.” I created this program for me as much as I did for you. I need a place and an intimate community where I am accountable to getting my most important work done. So, this is it. I hope you’ll join us.

Your exclusive opportunity to join Demand Lab at it’s lowest price *ever* starts now...
How will you know if this is the right place for you? 
You have been working at this for a while, but aren’t seeing the results that you want yet. You’re ready to step up to the next level.
You’re searching for a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. “Like-minded” here means that you value doing the important work. (Instead of just hoping that you’ll win the lottery.)
You KNOW that you are capable of big things, but you haven’t figured out how to maximize that potential yet.
You want direction, support, and accountability.
You have a good brand foundation, and now you need to bring it to life.
Brands require visibility to thrive
Your brand has a pulse. Your brand pulses are all the places you are BEING and LIVING your brand out loud. It’s the consistent publishing of your content, ideas, and values. Your brand lives in all the places it touches other people.
Through focused action every week, we’ll work to improve the most important parts of our brands. You’ll be proud of the experience people have with your brand. And pleased with the consistent results of your work!
Remember me talking about needing structure? 
Here’s the plan.
Each month, we’ll focus each weekly assignment around a theme. Each week, as a group, we are going to work on a laser-focused assignment that improves our brands. Every Monday, I’ll post a video explaining the week’s assignment, any tools (systems!) I recommend for the project, and why this assignment is essential for building visibility for your brand. As a group, we’ll support each other with feedback and advice as we go. 
Here are what the first 3 months of your Demand Lab membership will include.

July 31st - August 27th: Creating Emotional Connections
Getting visible takes more than just publishing content. You must produce relevant content that *speaks* to your audience on an a psychology-driven level. For our first month, our assignments will focus on further developing our emotional connections with our ideal clients.
Week 1: Write or Revamp your Welcome Email: Indoctrinate new subscribers with a powerful first impression of your brand.
Week 2: Give a behind the scenes peek of your brand
Week 3: Deepen your connection with a personal story
Week 4: Pitch your personal story as an introduction to do guest interviews.

August 28st - September 24th: Nurture Ideal Client Relationships
You already have a picture in your head of who your ideal client is, but it can be hard to create emotionally charged relationships with that specific group of people. This month, we’ll focus on improvements you can make to your brand to better *pull* in your ideal client, and we’ll show a little love to help deepen those relationships you’ve already started.

Week 1: Learn & practice a “introduction that intrigues” to draw more of your audience in
Week 2: Share your worldview out loud! Further perfect your audience by connecting on similar point of views
Week 3: Send some love to your ideal clients (hint - it’s not chocolates or flowers)
Week 4: Further nurture ideal clients by spending time where they do and helping solve some of their pains
September 25th - October 22nd: Demonstrate your credibility.
You know you’re amazing. I know you’re a genius. But, does your ideal client know? We’ll dedicate this entire month to putting your credibility on display. We’ll ensure your audience understands why you are credible, experienced, and the *only* person they should turn to when they’re ready to buy.
Week 1: Does your website portray trust? Learn factors that help website visitors trust you’re legit from the start
Week 2: Publish content specific to your industry that lends to your credibility.
Week 3: Show your credibility through a case study or market research (and I’ll provide the outlines!)
Week 4: Linking everything together. Do you link to your website on all customer touch points? Is it easy to find the social media platforms you’re most visible on? We’ll do internal auditing this week so we can answer those questions with yes!

The subsequent month topics & themes will be announced based on the needs & desires of the active group members.
Enrollment is currently closed... 
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Bonus: Visibility wheel
Your membership includes exclusive access to 100 social media post prompts. Never be at a loss of what to post about again. These public prompts will keep your brand present throughout the process. No more going dark on social because you’re busy with other things! The prompts and group accountability will keep you in action.

Process Details
  • The group support and feedback is going to happen inside a private Facebook group.
  • Only a limited number of members will be accepted for the discounted pre-launch offer.
  • A weekly email will include a link to the assignment video, any resources/tools applicable to the week’s assignment.


If you have a question about the Demand Lab, send me an email!

Why join as a founding member?
I am offering a lower investment for this program for founding members. As I continue to run the Demand Lab month-to-month, the library of training videos will grow. New members will pay a higher monthly investment to reflect that. If you join now, you'll lock in the lower price for as long as you're a member (AND get the same benefit of all the content as it's released.) 

What if I decide Demand Lab isn't for me?
If you join the group and decide not to continue, you can cancel at any time. 

What do I actually GET for the investment?
STRUCTURE of weekly assignments. SYSTEM of tools/techniques to complete the assignment, along with feedback from other members. SUPPORT of an ambitious group moving towards the same goals.

How did you choose the investment level?
I’ll be creating 10-20 minute videos to support each week’s assignment. I’ll also be supporting the feedback process within the Facebook group. The payment also ensures that you are literally invested in this process. I don’t want a group of half-committed people. I want us all to make big progress through this process.

Will I need to invest anything more to complete the assignments?
For the assignments I assume a few things:
1. You have a website (at least started)
2. A place to schedule blog and social media content
3. Have had at least one client or customer (or have access to potential clients)
4. You've done the work to define the foundation of your brand. This course is focused on bringing it to life. If you need help in that area, I recommend my Brand New Brand course.
For some assignments, I'll be training on systems or techniques that involve some investment (ie FB ads, email marketing) and you can choose whether to participate or not.

Why did you invite me?
I’m inviting people to the founding round who fit the following criteria:
1. You appear to have invested in the foundation of your brand.
2. You look like an action-taker. And perhaps have expressed your goal to get big things done.
3. I think really highly of you. (I think you’re awesome.)

How much time will this take?
This is the first time running the program. (So this is a good guesstimate.) I'm personally planning on about 1-3 hours each week to complete each assignment. If you’re starting from scratch with your brand, the assignments may take longer. If you are refining and making small changes to existing brand assets, it may take less time.

Do I get personal coaching from you, Kaye?
I’m going to stay as active as possible participating and giving feedback in the Facebook group. That said - I have periods of busy client launches and personal commitments, like you do. There will be weeks where I am less active in the group than others. The power of the group is the Think Tank - every group member has the ability (and mandate!) to add as much value to the group as they ask for themselves.

Obligatory disclaimer.
I can’t guarantee you’ll make six figures, own a castle, or work 4 hours/week. The entire premise of this is that you get out what you put in. Are you ready to do the work to build your brand? I sure am. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!
Enrollment is currently closed... 
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